Work in Process

Automation Eliminates Manufacturing Inefficiencies

Mitigating Manual Process Errors By Automating WIP on the Production Line

The Status Quo

Automated guided vehicles (AGV) move material from station to station on various production lines.

At appropriate stations, materials undergo processes such as VIN scribing, coolant filling, and heat plate installation.

Towards the end of the process, a visual system verifies if the correct parts were installed as the AGV traveled from station to station.

To verify an AGV visited each station, an operator manually scans the VIN barcode that was applied at the beginning of the process.

The Problem

Vetting correct installations proved difficult for the manufacturer because operators frequently miss barcode scans.

Missed scans create discrepancies between total barcode scans and finished line counts.

Inability to prove AGVs visited the correct stations potentially places huge liability repercussions on the manufacturer in the event of a recall or warranty claim.

The Solution

Associated each AGV RFID tag to a new VIN every time a new material enters the production line.

Replaced manual barcode scans with an automated system on the production line using fixed RFID readers and antennas.

Created visibility into the production line with each AGV containing an RFID tag.

Provided manufacturer with a digital paper trail to vet correct installations at proper stations.

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