Shipment Verification

Channel Visibility Through Order Verification

Automating verification to provide greater visibility throughout the supply chain

The Status Quo

Premium eyewear products are shipped from a central distribution center every day. Warehouse management systems are in place to ensure each customer receives the correct shipment.

However, once the shipment leaves the distribution center, management has very little, if any, visibility into what occurs downstream.

If products cross into an unauthorized channel, there is limited order information that can be used to track down why or how it occurred.

The Problem

Lack of visibility into the entire distribution channel.

Missing order details once the product ships.

Inability to prove (or act) if the product crossed into unauthorized channels.

Risk of tarnishing brand image if products are sold by unlicensed dealers.

The Solution

We created a unique solution to increase channel visibility consisting of custom enclosures that act as Faraday cages.

Each enclosure is outfitted with RFID readers and antennas while RFID tags uniquely identify each item embedded in every product during production.

Before any shipment leaves the distribution center, each box is placed inside the enclosure so that all tagged items can be read.

Once each unique product is read, the information is associated to the box’s specific tracking number and tied to an order, thus creating a lineage of data that can be referenced as needed.

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