Mobile Handheld Development

Increasing Visibility Through Digitization and Mobilization

RFID Mobile Handheld Application Disrupting The Status Quo

The Status Quo

Our client assigned and tracked assets with a manual, paper based process; however, the pen and paper method offered little visibility into the contents of heavily regulated storage areas.

The department in charge did not have the appropriate tools to efficiently manage how the assets moved across different locations.

Inventory was continually lost or misplaced due to reactive and archaic management practices, which lead to high re-procurement costs and neglect of regulations.

The Problem

Lacked visibility into massive logs of hand-written data.

Archaic processes caused reactive asset management practices.

Some assets ended up in prohibited areas because there were no accountability practices in place.

Inconvenient inventory log placement caused personnel to disregard standard inventorying procedures.

The Solution

Developed an application that digitizes the entire inventory and asset management process, which replaced the error-prone, pen and paper method.

Deployed using a highly accessible, custom application for RFID-enabled mobile devices that allows management visibility into near real-time data that is being collected in the field.

Replaced human readable asset ID numbers and created item-level visibility with RFID labels placed on all radioactive assets, which makes tracking and inventorying of all assets more efficient, reduces errors, and promotes automation.

Created employee accountability through the application’s check-in/out functionality. Integrated data collection with the client’s existing software systems. Designed permissions within the application to prevent unauthorized access.

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