Our Process

Project Consultation

Application Analysis

We seek to understand your business needs, define your goals, and determine your use case.

Project Feasibility

Our experts assess your project’s feasibility – requirements, constraints, environmental challenges, and most importantly, its potential success.

Cost Expectations

Cost and infrastructure expectations are discussed to determine potential project expenditures.

Project Endorsement

Determine if your team has the necessary support to bring your initiative to life.

Scoping and Design

Site Analysis

We will schedule time onsite to refine your system and hardware requirements, assess operational workflows, and identify potential obstacles.


Conduct testing in-house and/or at your facility to validate application feasibility, resulting in a deliverable for your review.

Solution Design

A solution architect will specify the optimal hardware and software elements that will achieve your project’s goals and needs.

Solution Verification

All aspects of the project are agreed upon, and we’ve validated the proposed solution to meet your specified needs.

Solution Proposal

ROI Analysis

Together, we will assess the financial value of implementing your solution.

Proposal Delivery

Atlas will outline system goals, requirements, architecture, costs, ROI, and project milestones in your detailed solution proposal.

Proposal Acceptance

Solution proposal is accepted, and purchase order is issued.

Gain Visibility Into The Data You Already Own.

We can help unlock the physical touch points throughout your processes and systems.